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It was New York City, February 2020, when Covid redefined my home life. Suddenly, the drastic switch in my daily routine provided a chance to look at life from a new perspective. Fortunately, I saw opportunities that I never imagined and decided to pursue them. So off I went down the road of life with my most precious belongings in the car with me!
I have spent the last 18 months on the road traveling with my dogs Fergus and Brodie from Brooklyn, New York to Afton, Minnesota to Orlando, Florida. Going from urban life navigating people, cars, garbage and rats, to rural life living with chickens, horses, burrs and voles. I’m really in awe of my dogs’ ability to adapt to these changes. From being the kings of their domain to sharing space with two horses, four cats, four dogs, one bunny and a whole bunch of mice has been inspiring to say the least. It has also been challenging trying to keep track of their daily requirements along with their health and long-term needs. Grooming, veterinary, vaccinations and food are all important considerations when traveling with pets. 
Safety and Control
When I’m in a new place, I have to keep my dogs secure and know their safety is not compromised. For me, purchasing quality collars, harnesses and leashes is a must! I love Ruffwear. The quality and design of their products adapt well to urban or outdoor life. They carry any style collar, jacket, harness, or leash in a variety of colors and styles depending on your desired environmental experience. They are consistently introducing new products and colors, all at affordable prices. Ruffwear products will last the lifetime of your pet. Remember, buying quality gear for your dog also helps the environment by reducing their carbon “pawprint.”
Neat and Tidy
Grooming my dogs on the road was a challenge. In New York I schedule regular grooming appointments for the boys. In my new locations, finding an excellent groomer that I trusted was difficult. Instead, I relied on myself for those in between grooming with products like Shernboa. This perfect pet hair dryer for after a bath or swim comes in different sizes. It has major power without the high-pitch sound from other pet dryers, allowing for a less stressful experience for you and your dog. It works fast to get your dog dry and ready for their next adventure. 
I also travel with my grooming table made by Paws and Pals. It comes with an adjustable arm, folds down flat and easy, is incredibly sturdy and has a non-slip pad as the tabletop. This table allows elevated access to your pet for grooming or drying and is great for all breeds and sizes. I find my grooming table to be an extremely helpful tool while transitioning from urban to farm life. It’s more of a financial commitment, but well worth the investment.
Run and Play
A daily challenge of urban dog life is the lack of free, open, no leash areas to exercise or play safely with my dogs. Finding these areas in an urban setting can be close to impossible. If I do have any luck it will not be long before I’m joined by other dog owners looking for the same temporary escape and freedom for their dogs. 
My two boys are Cairn Terriers. If you know anything about this breed it’s that they have terrible recall and have a hard time staying by your side. For this reason, I have a retractable leash and my go-to brand is a Nasus 26ft retractable leash. This leash is good for dogs up to 100 pounds and will allow enough length to give your dog the freedom to do the things they love like chasing squirrels. The internal cord is a ribbon not a rope, which can be hazardous to your leg if the dog crosses quickly in front of you.
Relax and Sleep
When traveling I always bring the boys’ dog beds so they have their own place to relax that is  comfortable and familiar. This also keeps them off other people’s furniture. Fergus and Brodie love their memory foam dog bed by Joyelf. This brand is extreme comfortable and welcoming after an active day. It is also perfect for aging dogs with joint issues or pain. Joyelf makes a well-constructed bed and sells replacement covers or fillers if needed. They also have many styles of pet bedding to fit your style and your dog’s personality.
Store and Carry
A travel bag for your dog allows you to organize all your pet’s needs in one place no matter where you are traveling. Just think medicines, medical records, dishes, toys, knapp snacks and poop bags all in one place. There are many different styles at various price points on the market today. I bought the I Heart Dogs Travel Bag. It comes with two feeding dishes, two small zipper bags and lots of pockets and storage. The design of this travel bag is perfect for me and has really been a life saver in terms of organization and staying on top of Fergus and Brodie’s every need.
As I find myself traveling from urban to rural settings, each of the items mentioned have been extremely helpful to the comfort and wellbeing of my dogs. Pursuing adventures is truly fun for dogs as long as their owner/person is with them. Your adventures with your dog should be safe and easy with the right gear. As the holidays approach, remember the right gear makes a great  gift or at least an excuse to indulge your pet. Be ready for the experience, whether it be city, country, sand or snow.

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